Works on assembly (disassembly) of engineering equipment both in buildings under сonstructionand in premises (buildings, facilities) of the existing structural divisions.
Outdoor electric networks are networks enabling and controlling the process of electric power transmission for a particular site (for instance, agricultural facility or a house). The external networks are a source of power for internal networks. The outdoor electric networks include the following: means for control and distribution of electric power, power lines and substations.
Engineering systems are a complex of technical solutions enabling normal activities of consumers. Regardless of the intended purpose of the facility, its space must be fit with engineering systems as much as possible, since a building without any networks is not functional and devoid of life.
Assembly is the most critical stage of construction of metal structures. This is why it is necessary to maintain quality at all stages of assembly operations and work observing the schedule prepared in advance and coordinated with the Customer. Assembly of metal structures includes three stages:
  • Selecting and delivery of components;
  • Assembly;
  • Welding.
Assembly of precast concrete and reinforced concrete structures shall be always done after the information is collected and structural analysis is performed. 
Concrete and reinforced concrete structures are commonly used in modern construction activities. Long-term service life, reliable manufacturing process, and possibility to create various forms and sizes – all these factors make reinforced concrete structures the most popular material. Such products include solid structures and precast reinforced concrete structures. 
Piling includes a set of measures for sinking bearings into the ground at a depth specified in the project. The bearings carry over the power of gravity from the building to soil, increasing the load bearing capacity of yielding ground, and serve as an obstacle for water flow to the construction object.
Earthworks related to a complex of preparatory works which includes the following: excavation of footing and trenches, drainage excavation, reinforcement and preparation of a base under the building, construction of a foundation, walls, floors and tunnels, backfilling of soil into the hollows between foundations and slopes of footings etc.
Preparation of construction operations is a set of organizational and technical measures contributing to development and performance of construction operations within the time lines established by the project. Preparation for construction is done prior to construction and assembly works.
One of the basic directions of Avtokran-Tyumen LLC activities is construction of oil and gas objects, as well as their reconstruction and overhaul