Short-term and long-term lease of LIEBHERR cranes is the main profile of the Company activities. Our specialists can select a crane with such lifting and altitude capacity that would precisely satisfy your requirements. The services are available throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.

When is it more economically efficient to lease a crane? How to order a crane? — We will try to answer these questions in this summary.

Popularity of such service as crane lease is increasing globally which can be easily explained: most of the companies face the necessity to use certain special machines only occasionally. If the scope of your operations varies, and cargo lifting equipment is not used on a regular basis, or if you want to make a more informed selection of a crane model prior to its purchase - all these factors serve as sufficient basis for leasing a crane.

Use our special offers for lease of high quality equipment from LIEBHERR. Depending of the type of the required operations, we can offer cranes for lease with the following lifting capacity:

 100 tons 

 160 tons 

 220 tons 

 250 tons 

 350 tons 

 400 tons 

 500 tons 

 750 tons 

For calculation of the cost of your request, we must take into consideration the scope and duration of works, as well as the location of the work site. In order to learn about the exact amount, you can make a request on the web-site. Our specialists will contact you within 24 hours.

You can learn about the capabilities of our pool of machines, our experience and places of work, and ask any questions over the phone: +7 (3452) 59-32-59.

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